Porta pro Mods

We surfed the web all over and look what we found?!!

Craziest and wackiest Mods on Koss Porta Pros… If you got a mod you wanna share, do drop us an email with your mod pictures!


DSC08763-1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ModKossPorta Koss PORTA PRO ModKossPorta-3 ModKossPorta-4 ModKossPorta-5 ModKossPorta-6 ModKossPorta-7 ModKossPorta-8 ModKossPorta-9 ModKossPorta-10 ModKossPorta-11 ModKossPorta-12 ModKossPorta-13 ModKossPorta-14 ModKossPorta-15 Exif_JPEG_PICTURE ModKossPorta-17 ModKossPorta-18