Final Audio Piano Forte II..

Piano Forte II
Piano Forte II

They are here finally…only limited stock…If you like massive soundstage and vocals..this baby is just for ya!!

Type: Dynamic Type
Driver Monomer: 15.5 mmφ
Sensitivity: 108dB/mW
Resistance: 16Ω
Length of Soft Cord: 1.4m
Weight: 13g
Model: Fl-DC1550M1-BR(Brown)


A short review from Head Fi Forum  –

-Soundstage is massive, bigger than the Mx980 in terms of tallness but about the same as the mx880 in width, it is very forward and much more enjoyable, and VERY NATURAL sounding that is both very tall and very wide,

-Depth in stage is unlike any earbuds Ive ever heard of this style, its sublime.  Separation is amazing.

-Vocals are ASTOUNDING and bar none the best ive EVER heard in any style earbud.

-Presentation is dry, its very airy sounding with loads of space between everything.  It is not as colored as the PK1, but its also nowhere near as neutral as the MX980

-Comfort is pretty good and if you can snip a tiny hole on a set of unused pads, do it.  It helps a little.  They stood in place all day.  I worked out with them, hitting a punching bag with kicks and punches and it didn’t budge in the slightest.

-It is bass light, sorry fellas it doesnt have anywhere near the level of bass the mx880 or 980 have.  Its very airy and thin.

-Highs and mids are clear and natural sounding and unlike any bud of this style I’ve ever tried.

-They are easily driven by a clip or fuze, no amp needed but im sure it would improve even more with one

-Not as punchy or sparkled as the pk1, but not at all lacking.