Warning! Fake Porta Pro discovered

It has come to the attention to Koss and us that a fake Porta Pro is in production originating in China. The fake Porta Pro has bad packing as well as errors in its prints. The overall design and sound is also inferior to the original. You should take note of all this when purchasing a Porta Pro and buy it only from authorised retailers. Read On to find out more on the difference

Fake #. 1:
1 – The Headphone picture on the metalcal does not match ours. Top of headband is all one line on fake one.
2 – Mic screw is a little different on front & back.
3 – Plastic piece that holds the comfortZone label is different. No texture on outside rim. Does not have a ledge under the blue slider.
4 – Plastic piece (earcup w/metalcal ring is different). On inside we have 3 gate circles. Large, med, small. The fake has 3 all the same size. Our 2 top circles are smaller than the fake one.
5 – Metalcal ring is rough looking. Where the ring sits does not have the slope.
6 – The right cup on the fake has a cavity no. but it is no. 4 dull. The Koss phone has a no. 1 but shiny where the no. is.
7 – The “KOSS” embossed on the plug is not very deep as on ours. Also does not have a trash can label on cord.
8 – The impedance reads 30 to 33.7 ohms as where Koss reads between 60 to 63.4 ohms.
9 – Element cups, terminal board covers & grille plates are different.
10 – Cushions are a little larger & a slight difference in color. Do not have the crease on top like ours.

1 – Different backcards.
2 – Inner tray does not have the indents where the headband lays.
3 – Green color is not the same on top insert.
4 – Carrying pouch is different than Koss. Lines are in where “KOSS” is embossed.
5 – Headphone is loaded backwards in tray.