About Us

MylarOne CrossRoads x3i
Ever wanted an Entry Level In Ear Monitor (IEM) Earphones to go with your high end mp3, pmp gadgets like Apple Ipod, Samsung YP-P2, Cowon D2, Iriver Players or even your sony walkman phones but you just can’t seem to find one that suits your needs?

Here at KooL AudiophileS (Saigon, Vietnam) is proud to announce that we will be bringing in Affordable Genuine IEMs (In Ear Monitors) , Cresyn, Koss, Crossroads X3i, Audio-Technica Earphones and other mp3 gadgets to high end IEMS like UM2, Shure, Alessendro, Grado, Beyer Dynamic Headphones , Ultimate Ears, Westones, etc in the coming months to Vietnam.

Every Ear phones of ours comes in a Genuine Box and carries a minimum 1 year warranty. In other words, if your product ever gets faulty within the warranty duration, we will send it back to the manufacturer and have it replaced within 2-4 weeks or less depending on the time of the shipment.

So head on down to our Newly Created Community Forum Here and join in the discussions :)